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Fall 2013 Breedings
Dam Buck Due Price Availability
GCH Nimue 1*M Scotchbriar EC Wild Alex 2/5/17 $600 1st doe reserved
1st buck reserved,
GCH Joy 1*M Kori-Brook Most Relevant 2/6/17 Private Treaty 1st doe reserved
1st buck reserved,
2nd buck & doe open
GCH Pipsqueak 1*M *B Redwood Hills MC Empire Chaos 2/1/17 $500 1st doe reserved
CH Merriment Scotchbriar EC Wild Alex 2/26/17 $600 1st buck reserved
CH Thea Scotchbriar Wild Dreams 3/3/17 Does $500
Bucks $450
1st doe reserved
1st buck reserved,
Kelly *B Redwood Hills MC Empire Chaos 3/19/17 Does $450
Bucks $350
Vivian Kori-Brook Most Relevant 3/3/17 Does $400
Bucks $300
Prices as listed above and below are for pre- reserved kids only.
Doe kids from any of our first freshening does are only $300.
This is a great bargain and only offered for pre-reserved kids.
Prices are subject to being raised once the kids are on the ground
and have been evaluated, if a deposit has not been previously received for them.
While typically we don�t sell bucks from our first fresheners,
we will consider it once the doe is fresh if it is evident that
both she and the buckling meet our stringent quality standards
First Fresheners
Chloe *B Redwood Hills MC Empire Chaos 2/8/17 $300 1st doe reserved
Rhapsody Scotchbriar MY Bleak Midwinter 2/21/17 $300 1st doe reserved
Nuance *B Redwood Hills MC Empire Chaos 2/11/17 $300 1st doe reserved
Bliss Kori-Brook Most Relevant 2/19/17 $300 1st doe reserved
Kara Kori-Brook Most Relevant 2/10/17 $300 1st doe reserved
Poppy *B Redwood Hills MC Empire Chaos 2/9/17 $300 1st doe reserved
Minnie Pip Kori-Brook Most Relevant 2/15/17 $300 2 nd doe reserved
Reservations for kids are strongly encouraged. We have sold out of kids for the past number of years and we are unable maintain a reservation without having received a deposit in advance. A $100 deposit is required with the remaining balance due within 14 days of notification of birth. If arrangements have not been made and balance has not been paid within 14 days, the deposit may be considered forfeit and the reservation canceled. If something unforeseen happens, please let us know, we are happy to work with you within a reasonable extent. If your choice on a reserved kid is not born and you do not wish to transfer your deposit to another selection or for the following year, we will refund your deposit in its entirety. There will be NO refunds on any canceled orders. All testing and shipping fees and arrangements are the responsibility of the buyer. All sales will be subject to our final approval once the kid is born. We will not sell a kid that we would not keep within our own breeding program. We do reserve the right to retain a kid previously reserved if needed for herd replacement purposes; however, we will try to avoid that from happening if at all possible. © 2017 Scotchbrier Nubians