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Joy Kelly, Pippi, Vivian, Thea, Merri and Nimue, ready for milking at the 2015 NYSF
Welcome to our site and thank you for your interest in our herd of proudly American Nubian goats! We are nestled in the foothills of the Adirondacks in the lovely Steuben Valley, located in Central New York State. Our herd foundation began in 1993 when 2 registered Nubian does were given to me. Immediately captivated by their beautiful ears, wonderful milk and engaging personalities, two goats soon blossomed into a full herd. Originally just showing on a casual basis, we transitioned into a competitive show herd around 2004. We are proud members of ADGA, American Nubian Breeders Association, NYSDGBA and CNYDGS

We maintain a small, select herd of only around 15 animals, including bucks and young stock for family use and enjoyment. Our goal is that all animals in the herd be competitive in the show ring and the milk pail. It is a great source of pride to us that our does are "home grown", and while we typically bring in outside bucks for genetic stability, all of the does can trace back to one of our two original herd matriarchs. We continually strive to breed for strong, dairy, healthy goats that are elegant, structurally correct, and have beautiful, strongly attached mammaries that can * fill the bucket * Our does do not only win in the show ring, they also can produce! Temperament is also very important, there is no "scream gene" here! We only have ADGA registered American Nubian goats. While we do not hold anything against the purebred pedigrees, we personally have found greater success, hardiness, production and temperament in our Americans. We believe in judging a goat on its merits, not on whether it has another letter in front of its registration number!

**NEWS FLASH 2016**

We are committed to our herd health. Our herd is CAE negative and has been for many years, we test annually prior to each kidding season. We have never had an abscess or sore mouth on this farm. Dairies that have bought from us have given us feedback on negative Brucellosis, TB and Johnes testing that they have had performed. Does have free access to pasture all season long. Free choice 1st & 2cd cutting hay, free choice dairy goat minerals, baking soda and kelp are provided, and an 18% protein, dairy goat, mill mix grain is fed. BoSe and CD&T injections are given twice annually, we also vaccinate against Rabies. Worming is provided at regular intervals and kids are raised by hand on milk and are maintained on a Coccidioisis prevention program.

We consistently participate in the ADGA performance program of Linear Appraisal on an alternating year basis. Current and past scores will be listed for each doe. Work and family responsibilities have held us back from being able to commit to DHI production program testing at this time. We know our does are good milkers and we regularly weigh milk for barn records to keep track of what the production is running. We have been successful in gaining milk test *stars* on several does from our State Fair one day milking competition in years that we have attended. We hope in the future to be able to participate in a DHI program.

The whole family enjoys showing together. The best part of showing is the wonderful friendships you build and sense of camaraderie that comes from have a shared affection for these amazing creatures. We usually attend about 6 shows (mainly club shows) annually throughout New York State and in past number of years all the hard work has really paid off and the girls (and boys) been bringing home the ribbons!




What an amazing year it has been! We were so blessed and honored that even with only light showing this year, the goats did wonderfully well. We were so happy to be able to attend our 2nd Nationals and what a show it was! We brought almost the whole herd with us, with 12 does. Of those 12, 10 made the cut. Of that 10, 8 of them had Top Ten finishes, including our 1st place Intermediate Kid- Scotchbriar EC Prima Donna and our 1st placed aged doe with 1st udder,( in a line up that included a previous Reserve National Champion and the defending 3x National Champion) GCH Scotchbriar Wild Joy- who went on to be named Reserve National Champion and Reserve Best Udder. Truly both humbling and exhilarating in one breath. We still haven't lost the glow! Many, many thanks for all the kind thoughts and warm wishes. We met some of the nicest, most genuine people during the Nationals and have formed many wonderful new friendships. It is very affirming that we are in one of the best species of animals to show, where your competitors truly share in your good fortune as we do in return for them.

National Placings: Solace-6th place Jr. Kid, Prima Donna 1st place Int. Kid, Chloe 5th Sr. Yearling, Poppy 7th Sr. Yearling. Thea 11th 3yo, Kelly 20th 3yo. Merri 9th 5-6yo. Joy 1st place Aged Doe with 1st udder and Reserve Grand Champion Nubian with Reserve Udder, Nimue 6th place Aged doe, Pippi 9th placed Aged doe. We were also proud that 2 Joy sons also sired the 5th place Rec. Grade kid, 7th place Int. Kid, and 4th place Milking Yearling.

Group placings included: 2cd place Jr. Best 3, Chloe-Poppy-Prima Donna, 2cd place Sr. Best 3, Joy-Nimue-Merri, 2cd place Dam & Daughter, Joy&Merri, 3rd place Sr. Dairy Herd, Joy-Nimue-Merri-Thea, 3rd place Sr. Get of Sire-GCH Kori-Brook Wild Romeo, 4th place Jr. Get of Sire- *B Redwood Hills MC Empire Chaos, 5th place Dam & Dtr - Nimue & Vivian


NYSF Premier Nubian Breeder and Exhibitor
NYSF High Point ALL Breed Milk production award with 25.6 points-Joy!
NYSF Grand Champion (Joy)

NYSF Reserve Grand Champion(Nimue)
NYSF Jr. Champion(Poppy)
NYSF 1st place Dairy Herd, Best 3 Females and Sr. Get of Sire(Romeo)
 NYSF placings: Pippi 3rd place, Merri 1st place 4yo, Thea 1st place 2yo, Kelly 2nd place 2yo, Bliss 2nd place kid, Rhapsody 3rd place kid.
Show Ribbons


5x BOB
9xGrand Champion
5x Reserve champion
NYSF Premier Nubian Breeder and Exhibitor
NYSF Grand and Reserve Grand Champions(Joy&Merri)
NYSF Jr. Champion (Kelly)
NYSF Best Doe In Show (Joy- in a breed lineup that included the 2014 Reserve National Champion Toggenburg) and the Nubian high point production award(Joy)
NYSF Best 3 females, Dairy Herd and Get of Sire(Romeo)
NYSF 1st&2nd place Jr(Kelly&Vivian) yearlings and Sr(Thea&China)yearlings,
Merri was 1st place 3yo and Joy, Nimue & Pippi placed 1-2-3 in the 5-6 yo does. (Romeo)

1x BIS
7xGrand Champion
6x Reserve Champion

Nimue had a BDIS win. Pipsqueak and Merriment both finished their Permanent Championships
and we earned 2 dry legs on the young does too.

1x BIS
5x BOB
6x Grand
7x Reserve

We capped 2012 with our very first time showing the New York State Fair, which also happened to be the District 2 Nubian.
We came away with BOB and Grand Champion Nubian doe honors with Joy , Reserve Jr. Grand Champion with Casa.
We also had the 1st place 4yo with Nimue.. 3rd place( behind the Grand and Reserve Grand Champion does!) 3yo with Pipsqeak,
1st place 2yo with India Vanity. 1st place Sr. Yearling with Wild Lyric. We were 1st place Dairy Herd and Best 3 Females and our
Sr. herd sire Romeo had the 1st place Get of Sire honors.
We were then named the 2012 New York State Fair Premier Nubian Breeder and Exhibitor!
We were also pleased to get 2 milking stars ( Nimue and Joy)

In 2011 we made the trip to the 2011 ADGA National show in Springfield, MA.
We went with just 3 does and the hope to just "make the cut".
Well 2 of those does did make the cut and better.
Scotchbriar Wild Silver Willow was the 8th place Sr. Kid and our wonderful doe
GCH Scotchbriar Wild Joy 1*M was the 3rd place milking 2 year old!!
We were so honored and are hoping that we will be able to attend a National show again soon.

Andrea Hamilton-Larry & Family
9365 East Floyd Rd
Holland Patent, NY 13354

Pippi, Joy, Merriment and Nimue
Champion Challenge lineup at the 2013 Oneida Co. Fair © 2017 Scotchbriar Nubians